Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Three Ways to Help Your Child Succeed at CBB

I know many of you are planning for the coming school year! God gave us the most amazing opportunities and responsibilities when He blessed us with our children. He also provides everything we need to raise our children in a way that pleases Him. Every year, I am inspired by the work that God does in the lives of my children and the children I teach. He is so good! Read on to discover how, working together, we can offer your child a blessed learning experience.

Whether you utilize the services of multiple teachers or just me, working together offers the greatest opportunity for your child's success. Specific ways you can work with me to make this a wonderful year for all of us include: 
  • Maintain Contact: While I think it is most beneficial for students to be responsible for their classes, especially high schoolers, it is helpful to know how to reach parents when needed. If your contact information changes, especially your email address, please let me know. Also, be sure that the email address you provide is checked regularly. As well, if I do email or call, please respond in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, I will do the same in respect to contacting you.
  • Keep Me UpdatedWhile I certainly don't need details, it's better to let me know if there's a family issue that could be affecting your child's work. The earlier I know, the more support I can provide for your child. It's more difficult for everyone if you wait until an academic problem presents itself.
  • Be SupportiveYour attitude toward the class will reflect in your child's attitude. The more supportive you are in your tone and actions toward my classes, the more confidence your child will have in me.
Many parents enroll their children in my courses to encourage them to become more independent learners. It's a great side effect of utilizing an outside teacher to work with your child. However, most students need some direction outside of class, especially if it's their first class online course. Ways that to help guide your child include:
  • Make sure your child has all books and supplies before they're needed. It's not unusual for my literature students to attend class without a particular book because a parent didn't order it on time. It's a very uncomfortable situation for the student and disrupts class. Please plan ahead to have the appropriate books ordered before they're needed.
  • Assist your child with time managementOnline students, in particular, may need help planning out their work schedule each week. Help your student develop a daily work schedule for my classes and others, then follow up randomly throughout the year for accountability. Few students naturally develop their own work schedule. Many procrastinate and end up rushing through work the day before class causing stress for you and them. Most of my courses include multiple components and the literature courses require time to just quietly read. 
  • Encourage your child to contact me, as needed. I encourage my students to email or call me the moment they struggle with an assignment or understanding material. I am always willing to assist students and stress that they should never wait until an assignment is due to let me know there's a problem. If your child comes to you with an issue, please suggest that he contact me for assistance right away rather than waiting.
  • Follow the calendar. One of the benefits of homeschooling allows us to be more flexible with our schedules. However, being aware of the school calendar, which may be easily downloaded and printed on the CBB website, can spare us all misunderstandings. Families take spontaneous vacations and when there's a family emergency, homeschoolers are often more available to help. If you do find that your child needs to miss class, please give advance notice and if possible, assist your child in staying on top of assignments. I tend to be very gracious in these situations because I appreciate the flexibility that we enjoy as homeschoolers. However, keeping me updated makes it easier on everyone. 
I am committed to praying for your children regularly throughout the school year. Praying for classmates and the teacher provides all of us a greater opportunity to truly succeed!

God bless you as you plan for the coming school year!

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