Friday, July 5, 2013

Refer Your Friends! Save Money!

What would you do with an extra $100? Refer your friends to Classes by Beth and for every family you refer who signs up for at least one full year course, you'll receive a $25 discount up to $100. With the CBB registration deadline extended to the end of July, you still have time to save money! Easy ways to share CBB:

  • Let your FB friends and Twitter followers know that you use CBB classes. 
  • Share CBB with your homeschool group via email or at meetings. 
  • Post a CBB avatar or link on your website.
  • Like CBB on FB.
  • Recommend CBB on forums and chat boards, such as The Homeschool Lounge.
Also remember, every family that signs up for CBB classes reduces the technology fee for everyone!

Homeschoolers are more likely to utilize classes and curriculum recommended by family and friends! Thank you for all of your support as CBB grows and improves.

God bless!

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