Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Home, Sweet, Homeschooling

Don't Be Afraid to Get Up in the Morning!

Fall, 2013 –
Mom: Ok, let me go through the check list: kids awake, dressed and eating breakfast.  DD1's books and homework sheets in the folders placed in the backpack; DD2’s  co-op project in backpack; DS's phonics to be completed in car while waiting for DD2 and DD3; baby changed, diaper bag restocked with an extra change of clothes, snacks, wipes, bottles, etc., lunch packed for everyone and all loaded in the car to drop one off on this side of town, then the other on that side of town. Wait, did I turn off the oven? Did we feed the dog and let him out? Wait, did he come back in?

Twenty minutes down the road –
DD2: Mom, I forgot my book and my co-op project! AAAAAAHHHH!!


Fall, 2014 –
Mom:  Ok, let me go through the check list: kids awake and breakfast eaten. Turn on computer, log in, class starts.

Done, Classes by Beth comes to you without all of the hassle. Live interaction with classmates and teachers with classes from a Biblical worldview! Homeschooling the way it is meant to be, at home.

Aaah…Home, Sweet, Homeschooling

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  1. Great post, Beth! I remember those early days of uniforms, carpooling and craziness in the morning. Homeschooling was definitely the best decision we ever made!

  2. Funny enough, Dana, Darrell came up with this post. We're discovering that his writing is much more entertaining than mine! Thanks for reading and commenting.